Come holiday season 2013, Shea Arender, aka “SHEA” will become this year’s first and only solo artist headlining his own, self-produced musical show on or Off-Broadway. This November, the exciting and much anticipated world premiere is set to launch live in New York City at the St. Lukes Theatre entitled – SHEA “PRINCE OF CHRISTMAS”

Last year, SHEA released his amazing holiday album presented by Lost Gold Records, the Broadway Gold Edition entitled “Every Day’s Christmas”. SHEA shocked the world with a 21st century, co-written original composition, “The Christmas I Met You”

In addition to charting internationally, this single hit #1 on the Adult Contemporary Charts, #3 on the Christmas Singles Chart, and an impressive #61 on the “Merry Christmas Network TOP 100 Christmas Songs of All Time” list in its first year of release. “The Christmas I Met You” also made the first Grammy Ballot for “Song of the Year” on the 55th Annual Grammy Awards!

Shea is the birth of a new generation and the Holiday Soundtrack for the 21st Century!